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Officers Board

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Chair- Daniel Caudill

1st Vice Chair- Anna Young

2nd Vice Chair- Cezanne Vielkanowitz

3rd Vice Chair- Natalee Nieves

Treasurer- Josie Polhemus

Secretary- Becky McBride


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Gaston County Democratic Women- Facebook Group

Gaston County Senior Democrats

Forming in 2019-African American Democrats, Teen Democrats, Hispanic Democrats, Young Democrats, LGBT Democrats, Small Business Democrats



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Outreach Committee

Fundraising Committee

Candidate Recruitment Committee

Messaging Committee

GOTV Committee

Precinct Cluster Committee

As the oldest continuous political party in the world, the Democratic Party has evolved to its commitment to freedom, fairness, human rights, and responsible government for over 200 years. We pledge to continue this tradition. We take pride in our Democratic heritage as a party of spiritual and patriotic values; a party of inclusiveness; a party of diversity; a party of compassion; a party of educational and economic opportunities; a party of social justice; and a party of responsible leadership. The Democratic Party fully supports the Bill of Rights and later amendments and opposes any frivolous or malicious amendments to the Constitution, which limit the inalienable rights of the citizen. This Party shall provide an avenue for the free and open expression of diverse ideas and opinions, including the right of every person to dissent, and shall work to promote government which is responsive to the legitimate needs, interests, and aspirations of every man, woman, and child in a manner which does not diminish human dignity or those fundamental rights, which are the birthright of all people of a free and democratic nation. We, as North Carolina Democrats, seize this agenda, and vigilantly defend our historic Democratic heritage. We shall not abdicate our historic role as the Party of action and the Party of progress in this State. The lives and the livelihoods of the people of this State are our sacred trust. We must act decisively; we must act swiftly; we must act together.

Preamble, NCDP Party Platform